A Better Apartment for Us

My wife and I had been living in an apartment in Orlando ever since we were married six years ago. We knew that one day we might want the house and white picket fence that so many others seem to want, but we also knew that we were not quite at that point yet. We didn’t mind living in an apartment, and it actually made life easier for us in some ways. When she told me about new downtown Orlando apartments that were just built not that long ago, I decided to go onto their website to see what they are like.

I am really glad that I did that, because these apartments are really nice. While the apartment we were in at the time was nice too, it just could not compare for a number of reasons. The main one is because the apartment that we did end up getting at the Murano Apartments is bigger. We were living in a one bedroom unit with one bathroom at our old complex, but we were able to get a two bedroom unit with two bathrooms, a balcony, and laundry hookups right there in the apartment.

We did have a swimming pool before, but it was usually crowded because it was the only thing that was offered. Because of that, we did not take advantage of it very often. At Murano, they have so much more available. The pool is bigger, but they also have a rather large fitness center, an Internet cafe, game rooms, fire pits in the courtyard, and so much more. It really did not take us long to know we would be happier there. After our application was submitted, we were able to move in just one weekend. Life was good then, but it is a lot better now!